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Jason Schluckebier



Jason Schluckebier - Financial Advisor

More than a career

With 19 years of experience in my field, I strive to learn something new every day.  I enjoy the many different aspects of the Financial Services industry and I enjoy sharing that knowledge and experience with my clients to help them achieve confidence and peace of mind in their financial future.  In addition to my role as an Advisor, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our 7 children, which creates many opportunities for involvement in school/athletic activities.  I love my family and I believe for myself as well as my clients and friends that relationships are the the most important investments we make.  I enjoy golfing, traveling and good food.  Growing up on a farm in Nebraska instilled in me an appreciation for hard work and a healthy respect for people who possess decency and common sense.  We all need help from each other in one form or another and the financial services industry has provided the opportunity over the years for my skills to serve the needs of others and to create many relationships as a trusted advisor and friend.

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